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furubaicon's Journal

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Hello fellow livejournal goers~! Welcome to Furuba Icon, a Fruits Basket Icon community, if you didn't get the title X3

Just some friendly rules...

01; Please keep all your posts, icons, graphics, friends only banners, etc. relating to Fruits Basket only! If you have cut linked to your icon journal where there are graphics from other things, that's fine. Just keep what you post HERE to Fruits Basket.

02; Please keep large graphics or posts with more than 4 icons under an lj-cut. If you don't know what an lj-cut is, go here!

03; Please note any warnings if the content of your post might be NC-17 or something ^_^;; And lable spoilers too, it would be nice!

04; Please credit as the maker asks~

05; BE RESPECTFUL. This is a must T_T Be nice, people! But we know you will ^_^

06; Have fun!!

Have any questions?

Ask your mods! We're here to serve and help, all of that X3

Ayame-MOD lockjaw | [Icon Journal] candyramen
Shigure-MOD stimulant | [Icon Journal] freyaneko


Do you want to affiliate with this com? Just ask us in THIS post! We'd be more than happy to~ ^_^

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Pimp this community?

Oohhhh, you want to share the shininess of this com around? ^_^ How wonderfully kind of you! We'd love it if you did, but you don't have to X3 Feel free to use any of these banners: